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Power Pasta is a high protein pasta with up to 22 grams of protein. A 3 ounce serving has about as much as 3 ounce portion of chicken breast! Additionally it has up to 15 grams of fiber and other nutritional qualities. And because it tastes great, it makes it the perfect choice for athletes, strength and power trainers, parents of picky eaters, vegetarians, vegans, senior citizens and anyone else looking for an alternative source of protein.


Our pastas are made from either red lentils or black beans, unprocessed and from non-gmo plants. A binding agent (fortifier C) is added at less than 2%. Fortifier C is a combination of Oat Fiber Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, and Calcium Sulfate.

Because legumes are the single main ingredient, you get all of the healthy benefits that these amazing little pods contain, including a powerhouse of protein


Power Pasta is made from red lentils or black beans but don’t let that scare you. Surprisingly, our red lentil pastas cook to the color of, consistency of, and even taste of traditional pastas. Our red lentil pasta cooks to a perfect al dente that holds together exactly how you’d want it to so it easily replaces traditional pastas. For those families accustom to cooking two meals, power pasta could be your holy grail of a family dinner! As long as you don’t tell your picky eaters that they are eating something different, they’ll probably never know.

If you like black beans, you will love our black bean pasta. It does retain its black bean flavor offering creative chefs a new way to explore black beans and pasta dishes. The black color will give a gourmet dish a that little extra. We are excited to see what recipes our customers will come up with. A note worth mentioning is that the black bean elbow when used in macaroni and cheese really works. The cheese softens the black bean flavor and it melds nicely. It’s definitely worth giving this a try with the kids.


By lucky coincidence all of our pastas are also gluten-free. Power Pasta is manufactured in a gluten-free facility with naturally gluten-free lentils. It all starts at the farm. Non bioengineered plants (non-gmo) are harvested and sent to a our facility to be made into our Power Pasta. The only thing being produced in our facility at this time is gluten-free pastas. Because of this, our pasta is also allergen-friendly, meaning it does not contain the ingredients from any of the top 8 allergens, nor do we carry those in our plant. Our pasta then leaves our plant and is off to packing. At this stage, our pasta is packaged in a facility that may have had tree nuts. The facility has assured us that they give the machines a rigorous cleaning if they run a product with tree nuts, but if you are highly allergic, please note that you may want to avoid our product for now.

Is Power pasta grain-free?

This has been a very popular question that we get. Power Pasta is not completely grain-free, however, despite this our pastas have become popular with grain-free dieters. We have many grain-free eaters who love and do very well on our pastas. Most of these people have searched us out and tell us that they are not highly sensitive to our binding agent, or that it is added in such small amounts that they tolerate it. Because each person on a grain-free diet is unique in their reason for being on such, each person needs to evaluate if they should try our pastas or avoid them. Our pastas contain a binding agent (fortifier C) at less than 2%. Fortifier C is a combination of Xanthan Gum, Oat Fiber Cellulose, and Calcium Sulfate. Oat fiber cellulose comes from oats. Xanthum Gum is an ingredient that originates from a process using corn sugar. Many of our grain-free dieters tell us that they tolerate Power Pasta without any adverse side affects and that it fills the “comfort food” and “pasta” void that they experience on such a diet. Each grain-free dieter should make his or her own conclusion as to whether they can tolerate Power Pasta. Power Pasta in no way markets to the grain-free community and does not claim to be grain-free.


I started our company, Free Foods Co., before I knew what I would call our pasta and loved the idea that the pasta was basically free from anything bad for you. My name is Shane Miller, mother of 3, one of which was an impossibly picky eater. When baby number 4 came (15 years after baby number 3), I was determined to give this baby healthy food at every meal, and more importantly, make sure she ate it. Like her bigger sister however, she didn’t want to eat meat. As any mother can attest, what baby doesn’t want to eat, baby doesn’t eat! She also wasn’t to have any dairy, so cheese wasn’t an option. I was worried about how I would get her enough protein. Little Addie eats and loves our lentil pasta! She can have dairy now and our black bean macaroni with cheese is one of her favorite foods!

Knowing there were many mothers out there with the same dinner-time problems I decided to sell our lentil pasta. I wanted a good name that would scream protein and somehow still keep it fun. I mean, come on now, we all know if it sounds healthy then they won’t want it! Power Pasta is perfect! It’s name grabs those looking for protein and it’s fun package grabs the eye of anyone young at heart.

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Currently we are sold here at PowerPasta.com but are working to get into groceries. Please ask your Grocer to carry our product!


We are a young company and depend on those who love our pasta to spread the word. Our hopes are to reach as many parents of picky eaters, gluten-free eaters, athletes, vegetarians and vegans as possible because we know they can really benefit from our pastas, however Power Pasta is really perfect for any home. If you love our pasta we would love your help in reaching more people through social media and through asking your grocers and restaurants to carry our products. Just take our website address to your local grocer and request the product.

Currently we manufacture in small batches. Its a big leap financially to get to that next step needed to support large grocery chains. In spring 2015 we will launch a Kickstarter to help us get to the next phase. Monies raise will help us scale up and be able to meet minimums of a large co-packer. We will also need a larger facility to warehouse our product. Its our hope that it may allow us to go to market at a lower per unit cost, something we are trying very hard to achieve. The more affordable the product, the more who can enjoy it.

Unfamiliar with Kickstarter? A Kickstarter is an excellent way you can help a company to succeed. It’s a feel good experience that that allows people to be part of something big or help out a company or a cause thats meaningful to them. The basic principle is a little from a lot of people can really add up. Companies must lay out their plan for such monies and follow-up with their donors on how the money is being used. Companies usually offer a little something in return like a virtual thank-you or free product. Another way to help a company’s Kickstarter to succeed is by helping it’s social media reaches as its success is directly related to the number reached. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Kickstarter, I urge you to. There are so many wonderful opportunities just waiting for a little help. If you would like to be notified when we launch our Kickstarter, just click the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and write "Kickstarter" in the body. We promise not to not share it with anyone or to bombard you with emails.